We can reduce the workload in your HR department

With our Danielle Talk app, your employees can book their work and project times, apply for leave, or upload a doctor’s note. The app also answers standard questions which otherwise would have to be addressed to the HR department. Danielle Talk is a natural language processing chatbot living entirely in the cloud – no on-premises installation required!

Your automatic employee

Your staff apply for leave, report in sick and want to hand in a sick note or request documents for nursery or child care.

Our chatbot, Danielle Talk, is specialised in answering these types of questions. It does the work for you and knows what questions to answer and how. Questions about other employees who are subject to confidentiality are, diplomatically, left unanswered. Applications for leave as well as their approval proceed automatically according to the rules that you have defined.

Danielle Talk is available as an app in

App Store

Google Play Store

or as a plug-in i.e. as a contact in the following chat platforms:



Just search for the name ‘Danielle Talk Demo’ or ‘Danielle Talk’ in any chat software.

‘Danielle Talk Demo’ allows you to access the test version as a trial user by the name of Ingrid.Lindholm@company.com. At this point, you can test the chatbot as you wish.

‘Danielle Talk’ accesses the productive system. You are expected to log in using the user information stored in the system (provided that you have registered).