Keep in control of all documents

In order to (almost) completely get rid of paper files, you can easily store all documents in the corresponding employee files. Configure where to place which document to get an overview of which documents are still missing. All documents are of course stored in encrypted form.

Check for required/submitted documents

Configure which and how many documents can or have to uploaded for your employee files as mandatory or optional items. This way, you can see at a glance whether the files are still incomplete. The document can then be uploaded and matched to the respective subject matter – a copy of an ID card can be linked to the personal data, for example.

Import of master data and documents
All documents in one place

All documents in one place

Even without any configuration, you can upload documents related to employees and benefit from a complete overview with a search feature. Of course, you can also assign these documents to specific subject matters such as education or personal data.

Document search

Transmit your documents as scanned images or create searchable PDF files so you can also filter your documents by words entered in the search field.

The full-text search also enables you to search for document names and see at a glance which employee files they have been uploaded to.

All documents are of course stored in encrypted form.

Search for documents