Create your own company chatbot and relieve your HR department of routine questions


Chatbot Builder

Chatbot Builder allows for an easy customisation of existing chatbot answers and even for the creation of bespoke inquiry-response pairs according to your company’s needs and preferences.

With our developer kit, you can easily integrate values from existing systems via an API (see Chatbot Builder documentation, currently only available in German).

The following digitalisation solutions will support your personnel management.

Time Recording with Danielle Talk – Anytime, Anywhere!

The Danielle Talk chatbot enables employees to record working and project times, report sick or ask for leave flexibly and on the go.

Danielle Talk is available as a contact in Telegram or as an app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Danielle Talk
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Requesting Leave via Chatbot – Convenient for Everyone!

You come across a great offer for a short trip and would like to book it spontaneously. However, it is Sunday morning, your HR department unavailable.

Request your leave via the Danielle Talk chatbot and it will be automatically approved right away, provided that the respective rules have been pre-configured by your company. You can book your trip immediately – without having to go through cumbersome HR processes.

Time recording, it could not be easier

You can enter ‘Start’, ‘Break’ or ‘Going home’ in the chatbot and the rest runs automatically.

Your staff can record their daily working hours in natural language. Overtime, extra pay etc. are determined automatically. Employees can easily view their working time account by sending a natural language request to the chatbot. 

Time Recording
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Tasks – Transparent for Everyone

If the budget for a task is exceeded, you should be the first to know.

How much time was spent on task X 2.5 years ago? Is the task still within your internal planned budget? 

Times can also easily be booked via Danielle Talk, and the evaluation database can answer any question that might arise about a task.

Daily topics, so you never forget anything

Not only will you never miss a birthday or anniversary again, you will always have a clear overview of all the agreements made with your staff.

You will also receive an automatic message from the software, e.g. by e-mail, containing the latest news.

Why not ‘go paperless’ and digitise your business?

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Be transparent

Follow-ups, your personal reminder feature

Be reminded of your employees’ appointments or inquiries relevant for filing!

Follow-ups provide a better overview, especially in case of many employee files. Be reminded of upcoming HR tasks such as personnel appraisals, missing sick notes, or open leave requests automatically. This way, you never lose track of important deadlines.

Document management, access everything anytime

Enhance your employee files by filing all documents!

In order to (almost) completely get rid of paper files, you can easily store all documents in the corresponding employee files. Configure where to place which document to get an overview of which ones are still missing. All documents are of course stored in encrypted form.

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Be transparent

Settlement, maximum flexibility

Create your monthly settlement in an uncomplicated and clear way – whether for salaries or wages. You can see which working time data is still missing or inconsistent for the month-end closing.

360-degree feedback, identify your key players

Thanks to the software, your 360-degree feedback is fully automatic & anonymous.

You can save time and work flexibly with e-mail and the internet.

You can lead your staff to greather self-motivation and further development.

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Danielle Talk

Questions regarding labour law, know what is going on

The chatbot answers questions about labour law free of charge.