Newsletter – April 2019

Danielle Talk

  • Overview of employee absences in Outlook/iCalendar
  • Self-service in natural language for your employees
  • Danielle Talk is also available in Google Assistant
  • Automatic approval of leave
Danielle Talk

We are delighted that our HR software has met with such lively interest and would like to inform you of our latest achievements.

The new functions will make your life much easier. Our aim is to reduce the burden of routine tasks in HR departments.

Overview of employee absences in Outlook/iCalendar

An overview of employee absences (holidays, illness) is essential for personnel planning. If you use Outlook in your company, the Danielle Software contains an interface that displays the absences of your employees directly in Outlook.

Self-service in natural language for your employees via ‘Danielle Talk’

Our chatbot ‘Danielle Talk’, which is used to retrieve information on personnel files, holiday requests, doctor’s notes and much more, has been enhanced visually and technically. You can enter queries on the employment laws among other things, in Germany and Austria and receive the official answers from the German (IHK) and Austrian (WKO) Chambers of Industry and Commerce.

If you wish to switch countries or languages, you just enter into the Chatbot: ‘Switch country’ or ‘Switch language’.

You are welcome to test this using the demonstration chatbot on our website without any obligations.

Danielle Talk is also available in Google Assistant via voice input

We have made the Google Assistant, which is pre-installed by default on all Android phones but can also be installed, free of charge, on apple devices in the AppStore, available for ‘Danielle Talk’. All you have to say to the Google Assistant is ‘Start Danielle Talk Demo’ and you can try it out. Danielle Talk operates round the clock. The chatbot can communicate in German, English and French.

Automatic approval of leave

An intelligent, automatic function for the approval of leave has been implemented to deal with the topic of ‘absences’. In this case, you can define the rules simply and easily. For example, leave lasting less than three days is approved automatically if there are three employees with ‘XY’ skills in the department at the time, but not for days before or after a week end or for exhibition days.

Your staff will love the flexibility that is available round the clock.